White Water Rafting & Water Sports

White Water Rafting in Colorado is considered to be the best of the best. With miles upon miles of golden waters to back it up, the rivers of Colorado can go from calm and easy to difficult and scary. Being on a water roller coaster on hundreds of miles rivers can provide you with.

Colorado River
The Colorado River flows just steps away from River Run, which makes the property highly desirable for river rats of all kinds. With a boat launch on site, it makes it extremely convenient for River Run residents who want to raft, paddle board, canoe or kayak on the mighty colorado.

Roaring Fork
The Roaring Fork River is about 70 miles long and is a channel to the Colorado River. Roaring Fork offers some of the best white water rafting in the country because of its branch off of the Colorado.

Beginning high in the Colorado Rockies near the Continental Divide, the Arkansas River delivers more than 100 miles of whitewater – making it the most popular rafting river in the West. The great sections to rat are located around the town of Buena Vista, about three hours from River Run.

The waters of the Yampa originate in the Flattops Wilderness south of Steamboat Springs. Manageable Class III and IV whitewater rafting flows for 250 miles to the Green River in Utah, carrying paddlers through colorful canyons of red, yellow and orange and on into Dinosaur National Monument.

Paddle Boarding, Canoeing, Kayaking
There are endless places in Colorado where you can paddle board, kayak, or canoe on a calm lake or down a river. Harvey Gap, located 15 minutes north of River Run, is the most convenient location for paddle boarders in the Silt area.