Colorado lands include over 23 million acres of beautiful scenery for the perfect hunting opportunity, many of which are within a quick drive from River Run. This state has some of the best elk and deer hunting in the country with plenty of land to track your favorite animal. With the amount of different hunting seasons throughout the year and the amount of different animals, River Run is truly a hunter’s paradise.

White River National Forest
Sitting down the road from River Run, 2.3 million acres of public land containing 10 mountain peaks that reach over 14,000 feet, eight wilderness areas and 2,500 miles of trail, White River is a playground for the perfect pursuit. White River National Forest is the most visited national forest in the country and it’s all because of the scenery, the space and the passion for the hunt.

Flat Tops Wilderness Area
About 30 minutes away from Silt sits the entrance to the Flat Tops Wilderness Area that stretches 235,214 acres. The Flat Tops is the second largest Wilderness Area in Colorado that hosts the largest elk herd in the world with 39,000, with a cow to bull ratio of 4:1.

Grand Mesa
The Grand Mesa, located about 55 miles from River Run, has backcountry hunting opportunities for trophy elk. The terrain is rugged, and the high altitude makes for a physical hunt. Permits must be obtained before elk hunting in the area and hunters must follow strict regulations. The area has ample public land, but hunters can access many of the private ranches for a fee.