Rock Climbing

Those who are familiar with rock climbing know that there isn’t a better place to live than River Run if you’re looking for opportunities to rock climb. Climbers can enjoy mountains in the Rifle, Glenwood Springs, Roaring Fork Valley, Redstone, and more.

Rifle Mountain Park
Located just minutes from River Run is Rifle Mountain Park, ranked as one of the top limestone climbing destinations in the world. Since the area was introduced in the 1980’s, the route and trail count has reached over 400 with some even reaching 40 meters. With an elevation of 6,500 feet near the Flat Tops Wilderness, the park hosts climbers each month throughout the year.

Glenwood Springs
Winter, Spring, Fall, Summer are all amazing times to start climbing in Glenwood. No matter the conditions of the weather, there has never been a day canceled due to the pouring rain or the dumping snow. No matter the temperature, there is always a climbing trail waiting for its conquer.

Just about an hour and 15 minutes away from River Run, Aspen has fantastic climbing opportunities including Independence Pass climbing, Grotto Wall and Gold Butte.

In Moab, Utah there are endless of opportunities for the perfect soft sandstone climb. Ranging from hundreds to thousands of feet, Moab offers many easy to difficult courses all throughout the desert. There are over 2,500 climbs in the Moab area, plenty of space to play around and spend time with the family.