Winter Sports

Winters in Western Colorado don’t need to be spent at an expensive resort. With the rising cost of lift tickets and long lift lines, many choose to partake in the various winter sports available in the backcountry located near River Run. Local public lands and national forest are great areas for exploring Colorado’s sun-filled skies by snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and even ice fishing!

Being a snowmobiler means being cautious, careful and very watchful. But, sledding can also be one of the most enjoyable winter sports out there. Many things could happen while mobiling, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself most of the time. So many people have come and gone throughout the mountains in Colorado to do just that.

  • Flat Tops: The Flat Tops have a misunderstood name when it comes to snowmobiling. Although, the edge of of the tops drop off the side, the terrain is not so flat itself. Being so friendly to sledders every year, the environment and the scenery will take your breath away faster than pushing the throttle.
  • Vail Pass: Just East of Vail Mountain, the Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area is world famous. So many skiers, snowboarders and sledders have come up to the pass for a little piece of the fun. Each one of the regulars have come up with a way to share the area and trails with everyone on them so that the enjoyment never stops.
  • Grand Mesa: Being the largest flat top mountain in the world, Grand Mesa is known as a sledding hotspot with just enough snowfall for the perfect amount of gratification. There is usually plenty of trails and even off-road trails in the process. With almost 800 square miles of terrain to start crossing, Grand Mesa offers the best riding conditions you can find.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
Colorado is globally known as a Winter Wonderland, and River Run is within a quick drive of some of the most iconic cross country skiing and snowshoeing in Colorado. West Elk Creek on the Flat Tops, Grand Mesa, and Spring Gulch in Carbondale make this area a prime spot to enjoy the winter trails.

Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing is a popular sport for residents in the River Run area. Both Harvey Gap and Rifle Gap Reservoirs are some of the most popular locations to ice fish in Western Colorado due to it’s easy access and variety of fish to catch.